Tivoli Bays

Distance: 8-10 miles

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Location: Tivoli, New York

Venue: Hudson River

Tivoli Bays are located 90 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River and offers all a sea kayaker could want: beautiful marshland; three great islands; views of the high peaks of the Catskills; quiet and private paddling, all in one trip.

In the spring large groups of osprey feed on the shad which are running up the Hudson to spawn. Year-round it is possible to see deer, bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, kingfishers, snow geese, swans and all the waterfowl commonly found in marshlands.

The National Park Service granted a 30 mile area on the eastern shore of the Hudson River (including Tivoli) Historic Landmark Status. Recognized by local historians for its importance, this area now has national prestige. North and south dates reflect tidal differences, and determine the direction we take in the morning.

Stay late and join us for dinner at Santa Fe, a critically acclaimed Mexican restaurant, and our personal favorite.

Norrie State Park

Distance: 6-9 miles

Staatsburg weather from Weather.com Map of Norrie State Park, NY Lodging Icon for the Rhinebeck area. Norrie State Park Photos

Location: Norrie State Park, Stattsburg

Venue: Hudson River

Norrie State Park has been called the Jewel of the Hudson. Spend the weekend at the Norrie campground (cabins also available) and paddle both days or hike on the many beautiful trails. You have the opportunity to spot: osprey, great blue heron, green heron, snowy egret, wild turkey, snow geese, red-tailed hawks, kingfishers, deer, and bald eagle.

We picked Norrie for this program because of the natural beauty of the area. We have two different trips one heading north (N) to the Esopus Lighthouse, one of the many lighthouses under restoration along the Hudson, the other one heading south (S) down to the Vanderbilt Mansion area.

After lunch both trips paddle to Esopus Island, which offers us a beautiful rest stop before our trip back. Rhinebeck is located a few miles north of Norrie, and offers many fine restaurants for dinning after the trip.

Plum Point

Distance: 7-10 miles

Newburgh weather from Weather.com Map of Plum Point, NY  Photos of Plum Point on the Hudson River.

Location: New Windsor, New York

Venue: Hudson River

The northern Hudson Highlands is a gem of a trip. Starting from Plum Point in New Windsor, we will head south past Cornwall to explore a small tidal marsh at the foot of Storm King Mountain. We then cross the Hudson to Little Stony Point Beach for lunch. The beach offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Highlands.

After lunch we head past Pollepel Island and majestic Bannerman's Castle. On our return journey we can explore Moodna Creek before returning to Plum Point.

Annsville Creek Paddlesport Center

Offering kayak tours, instructional programs, canoe, kayak rentals and retail sales of paddlesport equipment. Annsville Creek Paddlessport Center is the first and only canoe and kayak center located on the lower Hudson River. The Center is part of Hudson Highlands State Park and offers free launching for hand launch boats.



Stockport Flats

Distance: 16-18 miles

Stuyvesant weather from Weather.com Map of Stockport, NY Stockport Flats Photo

Location: Between Hudson and Stuyvesant

Venue: Hudson River, Mill Creek

We launch from Stockport Creek, just north of the former whaling town of Hudson. This is our northern most tour on the Hudson River. We have the opportunity to stop on many of the islands (Middle Ground Flats, Stockport Middle Ground, Coxsackie Island, Rattle Snake Island) that makes this area unique.

The extensive marshlands and undeveloped shoreline makes this area a kayakers dream. The northern end of our trip takes us up Mill Creek into a marsh area managed by Audubon Society. On our return trip, we can paddle other creeks which contribute to the beauty of this area.

Hudson Highlands

Distance: 6-8 miles

Cold Spring weather from Weather.com Click for Metro North Schedule, then pick Cold Spring 0.1 Map of Cold Spring, NY  Hudson Highlands Photos

Location: Cold Spring, New York

Venue: Hudson River

The charming riverside town of Cold Spring will be our put-in point. We paddle north along the steep cliffs that make this some of the most spectacular scenery in New York State. We have an added treat to this trip, as we will paddle to Pollepel Island where we will land for lunch and get a tour of Bannerman's Castle.

For those who have viewed the facade of the castle from a distance, this will be a wonderful opportunity to get an up close view of the structure, and to hear about it's history. Link to the Bannermans Trust.

Peekskill Site

The peekskill site is directly across Annsville Creek from the Paddlesport Center.

Hello to Paddling

Distance: 3-5miles

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Location: Peekskill, New York

Venue: Annsville Creek, Hudson River

This program is easier and a slightly shorter day than our regular beginner tours with the opportunity to get more instruction without the formal curriculum of a class. Ideal for the first time paddler or for those who may have toured in the past, but don't want to commit to a full day of instruction. Staff members will provide pointers as we paddle north in Peekskill Bay. We'll return to our training base for lunch, where afterwards you can practice rescues and other skills, or maybe test paddle a different boat or two. This is also a great introduction for families (age;12 and over). Rental price for kids kayaks $20, for older kids that need or want adult kayaks rental price is $40.

Intermediate Ossining

Distance: 16-20 miles

Ossining weather from Weather.com Click for Metro North Schedule, then pick Ossining 0.1 Map of Ossining, NY

Location: Ossining, New York

Venue: Hudson River

We launch from a small beach just above Sing-Sing prison. There we paddle north around Croton Point to Georges Island where we will have lunch.The pace will be fairly steady, if time allows, on the way back we can take a side trip up the Croton River. On a breezy day this can be a rigorous paddle.


Distance: 16 - 18 miles

Tarry Town weather from Weather.com Map of Sleepy Hollow Area  Click for Metro North Schedule then pick Cold Spring 0.5

Location: Sleepy Hollow, New York

Venue: Hudson River

This trip highlights the diversity of the Hudson River. We start off from the town of Sleepy Hollow and paddle along the eastern shore seeing how the rivertowns are shedding their industrial heritage and transforming the land into riverfront parks. In the afternoon we paddle under the splendor of the Palisades.

If time allows we can explore the marsh along Tallman Mountain and Piermont. Paddling this far south on the river allows you to see, even more, the power of the Hudson and it's importance as a commerial waterway.


Distance: 6-10 miles

Catskill weater from Weather.com Map of Catskill, NY Lodging Icon for Catskill Area. Popup Window with a Client Letter   Catskill Trip Photos

Location: Catskill, New York

Venue: Catskill Creek, Hudson River

The magnificent northern Catskill Mountains offer vistas of scenic beauty for visitors to the legendary land of Rip Van Winkle. We launch from Dutchmans Landing on the Hudson River in the town of Catskill.

This area offers many route possibilities. Paddling up Catskill Creek and a tributary known as the Little Amazon gives us opportunity to view wildlife in an Audubon Sanctuary and lunch at cascading waterfalls. Another alternative is to paddle up the Hudson River, past Rogers Island to Hudson-Athens Lighthouse.

Artists and writers have long been inspired by the majesty of this area. After a day on the peaceful Hudson River it becomes apparent from where their inspirations came.

.... the Hudson and the opposite shores, so wonderful toward sunset ... the noiseless splash of sunrise....Walt Whitman

Esopus White Water Tour

Prerequisite: 2 Star or equivalent

Phoenicia weather from Weather.com Map of Phoenicia, NY Link to website on Ashokan Reservoir in the Catskills Lodging Icon for Catskill Corners

With beautiful Scenery as we paddle down this class 2 whitewater river from Phoenicia to Boiceville. We will have one or two areas to carry around depending on the level of the river and your skills.

Mostly slow moving water but we will have to negotiate a few short sets of rapids. If the river is the right height we can play on a few waves. This program will be both fun and a learning experience. The group will be kept to a small size.

We will supply Dagger WW Kayaks for this program. We need your size and skill level so we can bring a WW boat that fits both your size and skill.. We will have to shuttle the kayaks to the starting place at the beginning of the program. At the end of the program we will have to shuttle to get the cars left at the starting place. 22 miles from the Kingston exit on the Thruway.


Distance: 5-8 miles

Staatsburg weather from Weather.com Map of Norrie State Park, NY  Lodging Icon for the Rhinebeck area.  Roundout Creek Photos

Location: Rhinecliff, New York

Venue: Hudson River

Situated below the Rhinecliff train station is a boat ramp that has now been included as part of the HRWA. The Roundout Creek lies dirrectly across the river and is interesting enough to spend most of the day there. We'll time the trip so we can spend a good portion of the day exploring the creek, but have enough left to paddle the Kingston shoreline where we will have lunch.

New York Harbor

Distance: 4-7 miles

New York weather from Weather.com Taxi Icon 4.0 Map of Liberty State Park, NJ  Click for Accessiblity Information  NY Harbor Photos

Location: Liberty State Park

Venue: New York Harbor

The Manhattan skyline is a dramatic backdrop for this, one of our most popular tours. We depart from Liberty State Park in New Jersey and paddle past historical Ellis Island.

The Statue of Liberty is a grand sight, and there is no angle more impressive to admire and photograph her from than the cockpit of a kayak. So, come along and enjoy Manhattan from a unique vantage point.

While this is our shortest tour, we do run into some exciting conditions from the wind and wakes off the many ferries and other large ships in this area. Lunch will be back at Liberty State Park.

Hudson River Valley Kayak Map

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