Safety and Rescue

This program provides paddlers with the necessary safety awareness to ensure their safety and the safety of others.
Safety and Rescue

Prerequisite: Kayak Fundamentals, or equivalent

Price: See Price Page

Location: Norrie Point Paddlesport Center

lat/lon: N41.83396 W73.94142

In addition, it provides paddlers with the rescue skills they can use to help themselves and/or others in difficulty.

The rescue skills covered will include;

and more.

It is important to have the equivalent of our good basic paddling skills and a willingness to capsize to get the most from this program.

This is a program all kayakers should take more than once. Our staff loves to teach it as we get a chance to practice all of these skills. As long as you are happy in the water, it's a fun program to take.

Topics include: Self and group rescues, safety equipment, communication, signaling equipment, effects of cold water, how to dress, towing, risk assessment, CLAP, manual handling and unknown incidents. Self, Team, Victim, Equipment will be the protocol used throughout the program.