Atlantic Kayak Tours is committed to the highest standards of kayak training at all levels.

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Paddling is fun even the very first time, but it becomes sheer joy as the paddler learns to control a boat with grace, ease, and confidence. Our training, together with your practice and experience, set the course toward that joy. Take a program, then use your new skills on tours. When you’re ready, step up to the next instructional program!

We offer training programs at Norrie Point Paddlesport Center and in Saugerties. Since the two venues are different, the programs that we offer at each will have their own character. At Norrie, there is just the Hudson River, with its potential wind and currents. At Saugerties, we are most likely to be out all day, as on a tour, taking lunch a few miles up or down river.

We are also offering Saugerties Skill Sessions. These are small groups taking a trip and working on skills along the way. Each session has an overall theme but we will cover what is needed and take advantage of teachable moments.

We offer a variety of instructional programs for all levels of skill. Our programs range from first-time introductions to sessions that fine-tune the skills of experienced paddlers. Boat handling skills are extended in practical courses that develop safety and rescue skills, leadership, and advanced paddling in open water and surf.

  • Kayak Fundamentals lay out the proper basics of paddling. This half day program is where most people should start.
  • Core Techniques progress the fundamentals and develop more advanced use of body, boat and blade.
  • Safety and Rescue is appropriate before or after Fundamentals. This is a wet, fun, hard program which everyone should take once a year.
  • Coastal Kayaking moves from flat water into open seas. Solid skills are needed and will be applied in the coastal environment.
  • Saugerties Skill sessions will teach fundamentals and fine tune more developed skills. Both are a fun evening on the water.

Instructional Programs

Full Calendar Saugerties Skill Sessions Kayak Fundamentals Safety & Rescue Core Techniques Coastal Paddling
Private instruction for individuals and groups is also available.

Expert Center

The Expert Center will help you review what you have learned and pick up some new information. The Expert Center has not been updated to our new format. We will be taking new photos and videos this season so we can update the Expert Center next winter.

We are always looking for people who want to write new articles or be in the photos and videos. Let us know if you have any interest in making the Expert Center even better.

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Private Instructional Programs

For single paddlers or small groups, private instructional programs are customized to fit the time and needs of the paddler(s).

If you have special needs or time restraints, private programs can be the best option. Most are done from Norrie or Saugerties but other locations can be arranged.

Send an email and let us know what you are looking for. We will contact you with a pricing and additional information.

From Novice to Expert

From your first day in a kayak or canoe you are learning. We hope to encourage you to enjoy the process of becoming a better paddler.

We offer programs for first time paddlers to programs in tidal races. Everyone needs to find their own path to becoming a better paddler. We can help you find a route that makes the most sense for you. This could include programs with us and recommendations to paddle with other outfitters, coaches and clubs. It might even include being an intern or staff member of Atlantic Kayak Tours.