Client Note


I just wanted to give you some feedback after my 1 Star class.

We had a small group, only 3, and I would say that even though we were all beginners, we were at 3 completely different beginner levels. I can't speak for the other 2 ladies but I can say that from my perspective, Chuck was extremely patient and understanding.

As for my training, Chuck was patient, calm, thorough, easy to understand, and above all else, a wealth of knowledge. He was very open to letting me experiment as much as I wanted, no matter how many capsizes I caused and rescues I required (at least 8-10). I learned more than I expected and experienced way more than I thought I would, self rescue by getting in the kayak upside down being my favorite. Chuck allowed each of us to experiment with our knew skills within our own personal comfort and safety levels. I am very pleased with the class and look forward to signing up for the 2 Star class, probably next spring, as I would like to get the class 1 skills working first.

Thanks for the great class and great instructor.

Like Arnold says "I'll Be Back".

Thanks Again,


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