Client Note

Hi all. I would like to make an unsolicited recommendation for Atlantic Kayak Tours advanced training programs, even though I have done this before. I just returned from Rhode Island where I participated in AKT's BCU 4 star and Surfing training classes. I did the same course last year and it was even better this time. The value in large part for me is the comfort and confidence I feel to take risks and push my limits,-much greater than I otherwise would, because I know I have so many top notch instructors and advanced paddlers right there covering my butt. Besides the fact that there was a great bunch of paddlers, AKT does a great job of preparation and screening participants to assure that everyone was up to the instruction level. We had unexpected thick fog with less than a 100 yards of visibility both days and inspite of that there we were doing open water training in surf and swells, navigation "by dead reckoning- no visibility" to get to our destination and open water rescue! Including required towing as well. I found this so valuable because I find that when we go out on club paddles, even though we have some really fine advanced people like Jack, we just don't have the organization and preparation skills to create the same confidence levels for developing better skills in conditions beyond our present skill levels. So, for whatever its worth, that is my encouragement. The better paddlers we have at the club, the more we can learn from each other.

Have fun, Jerry Borenstein

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