Client Note

I have taken many of the BCU courses that Atlantic Kayak Tours offers through the Sebago Canoe Club and can say that they are the best. They are a lot of fun and they have something for everyone, star 1 and 2 for beginners and on up for intermediate to advanced. Keep in mind that I normally don't like taking classes, in anything and originally felt I could learn as much by just paddling and studying books and videos. I have learned a lot from the BCU courses and have fun doing it. The BCU courses are recognized world wide as the best. I will continue taking these classes when possible as they are inexpensive and a full day of fun, fun , fun. Each class increases your confidence in a way that makes you want to kayak more. Atlantic Kayak Tours are a very good kayak group and have an excellent web site, check out the Expert Center.

Stevie McAllister

From BCU Canoe Safety Test for Sebago Canoe Club

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